Sticky Password Premium

Sticky Password is the award-winning password manager and form-filler that remembers your passwords and enters them automatically whenever and wherever you need them - on your desktop, smartphone or tablet. Keep all your passwords in one secure location encrypted by AES-256. Your Master Password will be your key that unlocks your password storage - only you will know what it is! Sticky Password technology is trusted by millions of people around the world.

In addition to Windows, Sticky Password is also available on Mac, Android and iOS with best-in-class sync options controlled by you. You decide how to synchronize your data across all your computers, smartphones and tablets. If you prefer not to sync via Sticky Password’s secure cloud-based servers, you can utilize local Wi-Fi sync, which syncs your data over your own network and never touches the cloud.

What's new?

new secure password sharing feature;
redesigned mobile apps.

Please note: the software provides a 1-Year 1 user license (can be activated until 20.01.2020). The program archive includes both Win and Mac versions!
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love to be implemented is that of an a2f manager

Greetings I have time using this password manager I think that the missing function that I would love to be implemented is that of an a2f manager or better known as two-step authentication the idea would be that just as it is cross-platform for...
Junior Pablo, 09.01.2020, 14:50
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Generate passwords

If I could change anything it is that the app would ask before generating a password for a new website. At times it's been a hassle to select my own password without fighting the popups or I don't get a chance to before Sticky enters one for me.
Nancy Pfenning, 09.01.2020, 16:06
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Choose personalized icons for each catergories

Suzy, 09.01.2020, 17:23
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I would like to see the following changes in Sticky Password Premium

I would like to see the following changes in Sticky Password Premium 1. Export the database to any cloud storage of your choice. 2. Change the master password without losing data. 3. The ability to use only the extension in the...
kubik67, 09.01.2020, 16:09
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SP to be able to type in passwords

Sometimes, copy/paste doesn't work, have SP emulating a real type in would be a plus.
MerleOne, 09.01.2020, 13:32
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Add time sorting

Hi, sometimes it is useful to sort username/password accorfing to the time the account was created, this seems to be missing from SP
MerleOne, 09.01.2020, 13:33
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Search within password

Hi, currently SP only allows search for accounts, not within passwords. Sometimes you want to check to which account a given password correponds. It is useful in those situations.
MerleOne, 09.01.2020, 13:35
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Restore option

Please add an option to restore Sticky Password . When SP¨fails to launch due to too much ..or too little security on one's computer, it might happen that some program or virus changed folder permissions. (I had to reset folder permissions...
StrayCat, 10.01.2020, 10:54
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have a secret key for 2FA by this too.

It's very normal to have E-mail being hijacked which will cause Hacker to get all information from this . It will be awesome have a secret key for 2FA by this too as available in 1Password . In this way , it will make this very secure.
Sandeep Kumar, 09.01.2020, 17:49
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Automatic change of passwords every few weeks

Most websites recommend to change passwords every few days. But it is too tedious to go through 1000s of websites and login individually. Sticky password should change passwords automatically in background every few weeks
Aryan, 09.01.2020, 20:58
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Password strength shown in bits & colour

After generation of a password you should be able to see how strong it is, this can be shown in bits (eg, 1024 bits) or you could indecate strength by using a coloured line underneath the PW, showing red (low strength) through to green (strongest)...
Gary Bond, 10.01.2020, 18:47
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Be able to change the size of the interface pop-up

Be able to change the size of the interface pop-up window in the browser extension.
coldman27, 12.01.2020, 08:12
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